Japanese Quality House Roasted Speciality Coffee Bean

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Message Card

We will write the name of the giver or any message for birthdays, celebrations, year-end gifts, midyear gifts, etc. on a message card and enclose it with coffee. A text of the message card will be filled in at the time of purchase.


"House roasted coffee beans. From adventures,"

Single cup of drip coffee brewed by bonfire
in the vast wilderness in Alaska.
The aroma of lone wolf
beside glowing and dancing ember.

Lifre is adventure.
In each adventure, enjoy your exceptional single coffee.


ADVENTUE is the coffee that was born from this poem

Alaska wilderness.

Fog enveloped morning river.

Single cup of coffee brewed with bonfire.

and thoes two pictures. It is a coffee with full of flavor that reminds you of a bonfire that burns softly in red while being wrapped in a deep morning mist, and stirs your adventurous spirit.


Let me share with you another world of the Alaska wilderness where I kayaked for 2,700 kilometers alone.

UMIACK ADVENTURE 200g Outer Box for Mail
UMIACK ADNTURE 200g x 2 Outor Box for Mail

Another world see in the wilderness of Alaska, that can only be experienced by going there. Earth and life.

I wonder if you will feel that world even in everyday society by reproducing the same feeling of coffee that I drunk in the wilderness.

The flat land is extending forever beyond the world with no mountains, hills and even slight ups and downs. In the world there are only three things, the sky that occupies the upper half of the celestial sphere, the water that occupies the lower half of the celestial sphere, and the thin horizon that draws a circle around me and divides the celestial sphere into upper and lower parts. The existence of me floating in that space loses all comparison objects, loses even the concept of size, and blends into an infinitely expanding space. I was on earth and I was in space.

The sun of white night circulated over the earth even at the time we call midnight, and gave light to the world. The world that had lost the ticking rhythm of day and night lost the concept of time, and my life melted into an infinite time. I had been rowing this river for a thousand years.

The wilderness of Alaska is endlessly large. In a world there were only sky, water and the horizon, I kayaked alone for a few weeks, set fire to myself, and slept in the woods. I came to mind the colony of human beings on the place far beyond the horizon, where I used to be there.

Drinking a cup of coffee brewed with river water and bonfire, I enjoyed the aroma of space-time of the universe, and the scent of human consciousness.

I am alone in the wilderness where only the sky, the earth and the horizon exist.

I am melting into infinite space and time.

I see beyond the horizon the life form of human beings.

I aware, therefore I am.

The journey of existence that begins from there.